How many times should be physical every day or month? Does sex life become boring due to old relationship...


No matter how much people read about sex, no matter how much they talk, but still some questions remain in the mind. The question remains that when and how much sex should be done. Sex therapist Jessa Zimmerman has answered such questions on the English website mindbodygreen. He has told that there is no parameter as to how much sex should be done. It depends on the desire of the people and the need of the body.


Experts say that healthy sex life depends on how many times you are physically every day or month. Both people can make sex life better by having physical relationships according to their needs and understanding.

Zimmermann said that if both men and women are happy, then one doesn't need to have sex more often. It is also not a problem if a couple starts having less sex than before. Sex and relationship therapist Shadin Francis say that if people do not want to have more sex than they are having, then there is nothing to worry about.

According to expert Francis, couples do not accept that there is a problem in their sex life. The main reason for the weakening of the couple's sex life can be the old age of the relationship. She further says that if there is a mutual understanding between the couple not to have sex, then in this condition many things can be fine in the relationship. By the way, things can be improved by sitting together, because everyday problems have a bad effect on sex life.


It also happens that one partner in the relationship is not happy with the status of their sex life. On this, Zimmern says that the couple should talk openly about this.