How can you become rich by keeping peacock feathers at home in the month of Sawan, click to know!


The Peacock feather has great importance in astrology and Vastu Shastra. If something is done by using the special method of "peacock wings" in the month of Shravan, then the financial crisis will end, as well as many difficulties in life will also end.

Many people collect peacock feathers and keep them in their homes. Peacocks are used in many Hindu sculptures as a symbol of the cycle of time. Lord Krishna wears a peacock feather on his head and ties them to his flute. Therefore, in the month of Shravan, if anyone does something special with peacock feathers, then he gets the blessings of Bholenath. You can solve financial issues, evil eye issues, planetary doshas, and other issues with this.


When one worships Krishna with feathers on his crown, one can be blessed with auspiciousness, wealth, health, and excellent knowledge. It also helps in attaining self-knowledge. Peacock feathers have extraordinary powers and make one's life better.

Know how a peacock feather can help you solve your problems:

If someone is facing financial trouble then he can keep the idol of Lord Krishna and Radharani in the temple of his home and worship them with peacock feathers. After 40 days, keep the feather in your money box, which will bring more money to your house, and the financial crisis will end.

Keeping peacock feathers in the southeast corner of your house protects it from unexpected or sudden problems.

Peacock feather also eliminates 'Kaal Sarp Dosh'.

Peacocks and snakes are believed to hate and despise each other. Saturn and Rahu are associated with snakes. On the other hand, keeping peacock feathers on the east and north-south doors of the house prevents any problem caused by the influence of Rahu.


By placing peacock feathers and 'Chandi Tabeej' (silver amulet) on the newborn's head, it protects the child from any feeling of fear and wards off all evil eyes.

If you are worried that your enemy will ruin your life in the near future, apply 'Sindoor' on the peacock feather from the head of Lord Hanuman and write the enemy's name on a piece of paper and keep it in the house temple on Tuesday and Saturday nights. The next day without taking a bath, immerse it in water.