How To Remove Leaked MMS: Do this work first when MMS leaks, worry is not the solution, know here...


Sometimes some people edit people's videos to blackmail them and then upload them to a porn site and or make them viral on social media. The biggest haunt of MMS or someone's private video is social media. Recently, Delhi Commission for Women Chairperson Swati Maliwal shared a screenshot claiming that child pornography and pornographic videos of women are being sold on Twitter for just Rs 20. If someone blackmails you by editing the video, then what are the ways to avoid it and how can you get the video deleted from the porn site as well as from Google. In this report, we will give you answers to these questions.


Keep all the evidence
If you get caught in a situation when someone blackmails you through a video then you need not panic. The first thing to do is not to block the person who is blackmailing you. Gather all the evidence against him. Keep everything screenshots and call recordings. If there is an attempt to trap you through social media, then note down its ID.

Now the second task is to log in to and register the complaint. Cyberdost is under the Ministry of Home Affairs. You can do any type of cyber complaint with Cyberdost. Cyberdost is also available on Twitter, so you can also complain there by messaging. You can complain with a screenshot and all proofs by login in to After a complaint in Cyberdost, go to your nearest cyber police station and complain.

You can also get your video removed by speaking to Google. You can request Google to remove your videos, photos, or any kind of content by visiting Apart from this, you can also get your video deleted by visiting


The last option is to contact the owner of the website on which your video has been uploaded. For this, you will have to go to that website and contact by extracting the details from the About Us section. Sometimes About Us does not contain the site owner information. In such a situation, you can get the address and contact details of the owner of any website by visiting a site like