How To Control Hair Fall: Hair starts breaking in bunches as soon as combing, try this effective home remedy....


Hair Fall Home Remedies: Hair adds beauty to your beauty. But due to today's lifestyle, food habits and pollution, hair fall has become a common problem. Along with this, your hair is gradually becoming thinner. In such a situation, you can also become a victim of baldness. That's why today we have brought a solution to your problem. By trying this you can become tension free from hair fall. These effective home remedies prove to help make your hair beautiful, thick and strong, so let us know (Hair Fall Home Remedies) home remedies to prevent hair fall…

Hair Fall Home Remedies

Green tea

For this, you put green tea in water and boil it well. Then you leave this water to cool down. Then after shampooing, wash your hair with slightly lukewarm green tea water. Along with this, you should also consume green tea at least 1 to 2 times a day.

Oil massage
For this, mix lavender, hibiscus, and pumpkin seed oil in coconut or castor oil and apply it well on the hair. Then you wash the hair after about 1 to 2 hours. If you do this once a week, it reduces hair fall. This improves the blood circulation of the hair.


Aloe vera
For this, mix aloe vera in coconut oil or egg and apply it to your hair. Apart from this, grind fresh aloe vera pulp in a grinder and mix it with honey. This also reduces your hair fall.