Hong Kong Market: - Everything will be available in Gurugram's Hong Kong market, you can also shop


As soon as the name of Gurugram comes to our mind, the thought of many great malls or nightlife comes to our mind. Surely it is a different fun to visit here. Not only is this but Gurugram also known as an information technology or banking hub. However, people believe Gurugram that it is a very expensive place where everything is very expensive. 

But it is not like this, from roaming here to shopping, there are some places where you will get clothes, jewellery or household items at affordable prices. Yes, if you are looking for an affordable place to shop, then Hong Kong Market can be the best for you. 

Know about Hong Kong Market

If you want to buy the latest clothes, footwear, electronic items, handbags or everyday household items at affordable prices, then you must visit Hong Kong Market. Let us tell you that this is a very old market where people come for shopping for a long time. This market has been made like a mall, in which different types of stalls are set up. 

It is not only for clothes or footwear but also books, bags, dresses etc. for children can be bought at low prices. Apart from this, you can also buy second-hand mobile cheaply in this market.

Footwear will be available for Rs 500 

Those who go out daily need a lot of footwear, clothes, and jewellery. That's why we buy cheap outfits and footwear so that we can look stylish every day. So, if you are looking for footwear in the range of 300 to 500, then definitely explore this place.  

There are many such stalls of footwear here where copied shoes, slippers, and footwear of many branded companies are available. Although the shopkeepers here will tell you a lot of money, you will have to do a little bargaining.  

Every variety of clothes will be available 

We are always looking for a market where we can buy the latest and trendy outfits. In such a situation, this market can be best for you because here you can buy the latest dresses, gowns, frocks, suits and party wear outfits. Also, there is a wide variety of outfits available, that too at very affordable prices. 

If you need a designer gown for a party or otherwise, then definitely you will have the best option to explore this market. Also, you will get dozens of options to wear in daily wear, which you can buy according to your budget.  

These are also options  

Although there are only about 200 shops here, every shop is useful and fulfils our needs on a low budget. You will get to buy very good household items or eatables at reasonable prices.  

There is an excellent departmental store where one can find groceries, fruits and vegetables, regular daily necessities, utensils, crockery and even decorative items. It is a shopping hub for nearby Sector 55, 56, 57 which you can explore. 

How to go?

To go to this you have to find an economical way from your home. If you are coming from Delhi, it is better to take a direct cab or can also go by bus. But if you don't go by metro at all, you will have a lot of trouble. 

Address- Sushant Lok 3 Sector 57, LG-10, Road to F Block, UG 14, Block F, Gurugram. 

Opening hours- 10 am to 10 pm. 

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