Homemade Soap: Prepare chemical-free soap with neem properties at home, easy way to make...


To take care of the skin during the rainy season, most people prefer to take a bath with neem soap. Because neem has anti-bacterial properties. Which protects the skin from fungal infections and bacteria. But along with the properties of neem in the soap outside, all the chemicals are also found. If you want to take bath with chemical-free neem soap. So you can prepare it by making it at home also. Learn how to prepare neem soap.


Ingredients for making Neem soap
Neem leaves, water, glycerin soap, vitamin E capsule, bowl or paper cup, and a mold of the desired shape.

Soap making method
Wash neem leaves thoroughly. So that the dust and dirt can be cleared. Then put these leaves in a mixer and grind them. You can use water to grind the leaves. Take out this paste in a bowl and keep it. Now cut the glycerin soap into small pieces. Then heat water in a wok or deep bottom pan. When the water becomes hot, put a bowl in it. Put the chopped glycerin pieces in the bowl. When these pieces start melting, then add the paste of neem leaves to it.


Let it heat up and add vitamin E capsules along with it. Mix the mixture well and put it in a bowl or mold and let it cool. Just take it out when it cools down. Soap with neem properties is ready. Applying this soap also gets rid of acne and pimples.