Homemade Cerelac For Kids: Feed children instead of market, make cerelac at home, you will get full nutrition


Mother's milk is everything for the newborn and hence mother's milk is called nectar. But with the passage of time, when the baby starts growing, other foods are also given to the baby and one of those foods is Cerelac. Homemade cerelac is healthy and full of nutrients. It is made by mixing porridge, fruit pulp, dry fruits and different types of pulses. It is delicious and full of nutrients. It is essential for the physical development of your child and is many times better than the cerelac available in the market.


Necessary ingredients :
a cup of ragi
a cup of millet
a cup of wheat
1 cup corn (small)
1 cup corn (large)
a cup of brown rice
one cup moong dal
one cup chana dal
a roasted gram
1/2 cup cashew nuts
1/2 cup almonds
10 cardamom seeds

Recipe :
-Soak all the ingredients in water overnight except almonds and cashews.
-Next day drain the water and spread them in the sun to dry them thoroughly.
-After drying, roast them lightly in a pan.
-In the end, grind almonds, cashews, cardamom and all the roasted ingredients in a mixer.
-Grind it well and keep it in an airtight container.
-Keep a pan on the gas on medium flame.
-Add two tablespoons of home-made cerelac to it and fry it lightly.
-Add a glass of water to it and let it cook on medium flame.
-Now cook it like porridge. Your Cerelac is ready.


Benefits of Homemade Cerelac
# The first thing is that the mother makes it with great love, so it definitely affects the health of the baby.
#You can mix different types of ingredients according to the taste of the baby, so that he eats it happily.
# All the ingredients put in it are from home, so there is less chance of the baby getting allergic.
# The ingredients contained in it are fiber-rich, so the digestive system of the baby works well and there is no problem like constipation and acidity.
# Homemade cerelac is chemical free and fresh too.
# Ragi can also be added to it, which is rich in calcium. This strengthens the bones of the baby.
Pulses are also mixed in Cerelac, which are rich in protein and protein is essential for the better development of the baby.