Home Decor Tips : Read Color Blocking Ideas to Give Bright Look to Home


Color-blocking or color contrasting is a style of using two different colors and combining them to create a new combination. Colors complement each other. Generally, it is used in fashion. But this style can also be used for home decoration. The colors should be chosen wisely so that they complement each other. You can play with as many colors as you want and use them to decorate sofas, cushions, walls, curtains, etc.


1. Color Blocking on Walls
You can paint the walls with two different colors to do color blocking on the walls of your room. Also, keep some similar colored things in the room.

2. Try It With Table Decor
You can always play with colors to decorate your table. The color of the seat cover, tablecloth, table mat, etc. can be in different colors but they complement each other. Each item on your table can be a different color but you have to arrange them in such a way that they all look good with each other.


3. Try Something New With Curtains
Curtains are the most important part of home decor. You can invent many decorating styles with them to give the best look to your home. So, this time you can try some DIY ideas. Put fabric on the bottom of the curtain that matches the color of your curtain well. But keep in mind that the two colors and fabrics of curtains go well with the walls as well. You can also keep your wall color neutral.

4. Think for the Couch
Sofas and cushions will play an important role when you are adding color-blocking style to your home decor. Your plain sofa in the living room can instantly pop up with some colorful cushions. The color of the cushion should be in contrast to the sofa.