Home Decor Tips: - Incorporate Indian prints in modern home decor like this


We use different types of home decor items to decorate the house. These days the trend of modern home decor has increased a lot, in which efforts are made to give a modern touch to the house in every possible way. However, if you want to give an Indian twist to the modern look of your home, then you should make some Indian prints a part of your home decor.

Ikat, Batik, Bandhani, Lahariya, Jaipuri and Ajrakh prints are some such Indian prints, which are very much liked globally. Such prints are not only included in the outfit, but it also makes your home decor very special and cosy. In this way, you can also give an ethnic touch to modern home decor. So, today in this article, we are telling you some easy tips, by following which you can include Indian prints in your modern home decor-


Do Indian prints with wooden

Indian prints and wooden decor complement each other. In such a situation, if you are keeping a wooden sofa set at your home, then you can include Indian prints with it. You can include Ajrakh, Kalamkari or Rajasthani prints on the sofa cover or cushion cover. It will look very beautiful. At the same time, it will also give an Indian touch to your home.

Decorate as Wall Art

This is also a way to incorporate Indian prints into home decor. If you want, get a piece of Indian prints or cloth framed. You can hang it as wall art on the wall of your house. This is a very simple method that will give an Indian twist to your modern home decor. You can decorate not only the living area but any part of your house in this way. 

Use wallpaper


If you want to include Indian prints in modern home decor in such a way that your whole house looks very beautiful. So the best way to do this is to use Indian prints wallpaper on your home wall. Nowadays, wallpapers of many prints are available in the market from Ikat to Paisley. The colour and design of these wallpapers blend well with modern home decor. If you want to decorate your home through minimal design, then make Indian Prints Wallpaper a part of your home. 

Incorporate Multiple Prints

In modern home decor, you can also give a unique touch to your home by mixing many Indian prints like cashmere, block prints and ikat etc. If you are laying Jaipuri bedsheets in your home, then you can use Paisley cushion cover. Similarly, if your sofa is of Ikat print, then you can make Kalamkari printed cushions a part of your home with it.

So now you too can incorporate Indian prints in your modern home decor by adopting these tips and making your home decor very special and different.

Image Credit- freepik, amazon


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