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According to the Gregorian calendar, September 20 is the 263rd day of the year (264 in a leap year). There are still 102 days left in the year.

Important Events of 20 September

1995 - The 50th session of the United States General Assembly begins.

1999 - Raisa Gorbachev died.

2000 - The Clintons are absolved of charges in the White Water scandal.

2001 - the US launches 150 fighter jets into the Gulf.

2003 - The United Nations General Assembly passes a resolution asking Israel to ensure the security of Yasser Arafat.

2004 - Voting for the presidential election in Indonesia.

2006 - Scientists at Britain's Royal Botanic Gardens succeed in growing 200-year-old seeds. World Kannada Culture Conference organized in Bahrain. After 15 years, the organizing of the Festival of India in Brussels resumed.

2007 - Simone Capone, the oldest woman in France, dies at the age of 113.

2009 - Marathi film 'Harishchandrachi Factory' was selected as India's entry in the foreign film category of the Oscar Awards.

2012- Hindi, the official language of India, is the second most spoken language in the world. Multilingual Hindi-speaking states of India have a population of over 46 crores.

Persons born on 20 September

1897 - Nana Saheb Parulekar - Marathi Journalist.

1911 - Shriram Sharma Acharya - Indian spiritual leader.

1942 - Rajinder Goyal - was an Indian cricketer who made his mark in cricket as a bowler.

1948 - Mahesh Bhatt- Famous film producer and director.

1924 - A. Nageswara Rao - Telugu film actor and film producer.

1957 - Anupam Shyam - was an Indian film and TV artist.

1973 - Kailash Choudhary - Bharatiya Janata Party politician.

1547 - Faizi - was a learned litterateur of medieval India and a famous Persian poet.

Died on 20 September

1927 - Mohammad Barkatullah - was an Indian freedom fighter.

1928 - Narayan Guru - India's great saint and social reformer.

1933 - Annie Besant - Founder of Home Rule League in India.

1942 - Kanaklata Barua- Indian woman freedom fighter.

1999 - Rajkumari - The actress is known as the dream beauty of Tamil cinema. His film Haridas ran for 114 weeks in cinemas in Chennai.

2017 - Shakeela - was a famous actress of 1950-60 in Hindi cinema.

2009 - Prabha Khaitan - Famous novelist, poet, feminist thinker, and social worker of Hindi language.

20 September - Dinesh Thakur - was a famous theater artist and director.