Hinduism and Science: Studies Say That Blowing Shankh Not Only Keeps Us Healthy But The Sound Of Conch Also Destroys Many Germs Present In The Environment


Studies say, not only do we stay healthy by blowing conch shells, but many germs present in the environment are also destroyed by the sound of the conch, know the science behind such beliefs 

Do you know that 108 is considered a holy number of Hindus? This number is actually the ratio of the distance between the Sun and the Earth / the diameter of the Sun or the distance of the Moon from the Earth / the diameter of the Moon. This is the reason why this number is so important in our rosary of worship.

Also, know… Wearing bangles on the hands for makeup not only enhances the beauty, but it also increases the blood circulation by increasing the activity of the wrist part, due to which the mind and brain feel completely refreshed.


Did you know… people who laugh more can handle and tolerate physical and mental pain better?

Research shows that there is a lot of power in touch. Hugging and holding hands not only relieve stress but also increase immunity.

Scientists believe that by blowing a conch shell, as far as its sound goes, the germs of many diseases are destroyed by sound pulsation. The Berlin University did research on a conch shell and found that its waves are the best and cheap medicine to destroy bacteria and other microbes. Apart from this, the lungs are strengthened by blowing the conch, which prevents respiratory diseases.

Source: www.merisaheli.com