Hindi Diwas 2022: There will be no problem of language while traveling in these countries, Hindi speakers can be found..


People who are fond of traveling, want to travel abroad once. Planning a trip anywhere in India is easy but going out of India can come with a lot of obstacles. There can still be arrangements for passports, visas, etc., but the biggest problem comes from linguistic knowledge. Due to not knowing the language of other countries, his hands in English are tight, he does not understand how he will communicate with foreigners while traveling abroad. From booking a taxi from the airport to getting a room in a hotel, visiting tourist places abroad, and even ordering food, they should know the language of that country or at least English. If you want to visit a country outside India, where you can easily explain your point of view to foreigners by talking in Hindi, then here you are being told about some countries where Hindi is prevalent.


The Hindi language is spoken in India's neighboring country Nepal. Nepali may be the official language of this country, but many people speak Maithili, Bhojpuri, and Hindi. In such a situation, if you are going to visit Nepal, then you can speak Hindi. The people there will understand your language.

Fiji is a small country, where people from North East India came and settled. They speak Indian period, Bhojpuri, Magahi and Hindi. In such a situation, there is a trend of Hindi language here. Fiji has four official languages, one of which is Hindi. In such a situation, you can easily speak Hindi in Fiji.

Bangladesh, adjacent to India, was once a part of our own country. Here people who understand and speak the Indian language will be easily found. Although the official language of Bangladesh is Bangla you can speak Hindi as well as English.


Before the partition, India and Pakistan were one country. In such a situation, you will find people who speak and understand Hindi in Pakistan. English and Urdu are the official languages ​​in Pakistan but Punjabi, Hindi, Pasto, and Baluchi are also spoken here.