High Uric Acid: People who have increased uric acid should not consume these things!


High Uric Acid: People who have increased uric acid in their body, should take special care of some things. As you should avoid mushrooms and should not eat lentils and rice at night.


High Uric Acid: When the amount of uric acid in your body starts increasing, then gout disease occurs, this occurs when toxic substances from the body do not come out and remain inside, due to which the level of uric starts increasing in the body. . At this time you should not consume beer at all, because the amount of purine in it is high, and at the same time we should pay special attention to our food, if you are also suffering from this disease then this special information for you. Yes, let's know, how to control it 

Avoid cauliflower and mushroom


People suffering from uric acid should not eat cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and mushrooms, because the amount of purine in them is very high, so these things should be avoided. 

Do not eat protein foods (avoid protein foods)

Such patients are never forbidden to eat protein-rich food, but some diseases are such, in which food like protein has to be sacrificed. Protein-rich food can prove to be harmful to patients with uric acid. For example, avoid consuming milk, curd, kidney beans, green peas, spinach, lentils, etc., because 100 grams of protein-rich food contains 200 grams of purine. 


High sugar drinks

Keep yourself away from all these things like high sugar food, packaging drinks, soft drinks, soda, and lemonade, because all these foods increase the amount of uric in the body, which can increase your problem, so keep away from them...

Do not eat lentil rice at night (avoid rice and pulse)

Patients with uric acid should eat simple food at night, any peeled pulses or pulses and rice should not be consumed at night, this increases the level of uric further, which can start showing signs of other diseases, So try that you do not need this, before that you should change the diet.