Hidden Disease In Body: Your feet indicate a hidden disease in the body!


Hidden Disease In Body: Some diseases are such, which you come to know about very late. These diseases are called hidden diseases, but do you know that your feet can easily detect this, let's know.


Hidden Disease In Body: In the matter of foot care, our attention is often limited to cutting nails only. Doctors say that any disturbance in the body first affects our feet because our feet are farthest from the heart and spine. That's why feet should be taken care of regularly. Changes in the color or shape of the skin or nails of the feet give us an indication of many serious diseases in advance. Let us know about the signs that your feet give about your body.

Hair loss on feet and toes

If the hair on your feet and toes suddenly starts falling, then it is considered a sign of a problem in the circulation of blood. Without adequate blood circulation, the hair on the legs starts falling because they do not get nutrition. It can also be a sign that your heart is not pumping enough blood to reach the legs regularly.

Leg sprains or cramps

If you often get sprains or cramps in your feet, then it shows dehydration in your body and a lack of nutrients in the body. If you exercise regularly, drink more and more water as cramps are often caused by dehydration. Apart from this, if needed, be sure to consult your doctor, who will advise you to take the right amount of potassium, magnesium, and calcium. If the cramp lasts for a long time, then see a doctor immediately, as it can also be a sign of damage to a nerve.

Non-healing injury

Wounds that do not heal can indicate diabetes. Uncontrolled levels of glucose in the blood can damage the nerves up to the feet. This means that if an injury, wound, or pimple gets into your feet and if there is an infection in it, then the matter can get worse. Therefore, take care of the feet regularly, especially when there is a history of diabetes patient in your family, apart from this, an unhealing wound can also be a symptom of skin cancer. It can also happen between the thumbs.

If your feet are cold


This is a sign of hypothyroidism, in which your feet are not warm. This problem is often seen after the age of 40 and people keep ignoring it considering it as the effect of the weather. There are other disadvantages of hypothyroidism such as hair fall, fatigue, sudden weight gain, constipation, and depression. Therefore, as soon as you understand the complaint of cold feet, contact the doctor because the sooner the cause is caught, the less time it will take for you to recover.

These are also symptoms

Apart from this, if the thumb suddenly becomes swollen or red or there is a pain in the joints, then it can be a sign of arthritis. On the other hand, if you have heel pain, it means that now you need to change shoes.

Scaly skin


These are symptoms of fungal infection. Try to keep your feet dry as much as possible. If there is no fungal infection then it may also be eczema but instead of jumping to any conclusion on your own, contact the doctor immediately.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Before adopting it, take medical advice. Newscrab does not confirm this.)