Here is the temple of Hanuman and his wife Survachala. Know the story of the marriage of Brahmachari Hanuman Ji!!


We have always known about Hanuman Ji that he is a child celibate and in many Vedas and Puranas, things about his celibacy have been written.

But in some parts of India especially in Telangana state, Hanuman Ji is considered married. There are many stories and beliefs prevalent in Telangana in which the name of Hanuman ji's wife is mentioned as Survachala. Survachala is the daughter of Suryadev. The temple of Hanuman and his wife Survachala is also located here.


Here is the temple of Hanuman and his wife Survachala -

There is a temple of Hanuman and his wife Survachala in Telangana

You will be surprised to know that the evidence of the marriage of child Brahmachari Hanuman Ji is also found in Parashar Samhita.

It contains the story of the marriage of Hanuman and Survachala. The temple of Hanuman and his wife Survachala is in the Khammam district in Telangana. This is an ancient temple and the statue of Hanuman Ji with his wife Survachala is seated here. People believe in this temple that whoever sees his wife and Hanuman Ji, all their marital troubles are overcome and love remains between them.

The mythology of Hanuman ji's marriage

According to Parashar Samhita, the story behind the marriage of Hanuman Ji and Survachala is something like this, it is said that Hanuman Ji considered Suryadev as his guru and Suryadev had 9 divine modes. Bajrang Bali wanted to get knowledge of all these disciplines. Suryadev gave the knowledge of 5 out of 9 disciplines to Hanuman Ji, but trouble arose for 4 disciplines. The knowledge of these 4 disciplines is given only to those disciples who are married because Hanuman Ji was a child celibate, so Sun God was unable to give the knowledge of those 4 disciplines.

To solve this problem, Sun God talked about marriage in front of Hanuman Ji, at first Hanuman Ji refused to marry, but for the knowledge of those 4 modes, he finally agreed to the marriage.

When Hanuman Ji agreed to the marriage, a suitable girl was searched for him.


The search for a girl for marriage came to an end on Survachala, the daughter of Sun God. Suryadev said that Survchala is supremely ascetic and stunning, and only you can bear its brilliance.

Suryadev further said that even after marriage with Survachala, you will remain child celibate because after marriage Survachala will again be absorbed in penance.

After knowing all these things, Hanuman Ji and Survachala got married. After marriage, Survachala got absorbed in penance and Hanuman Ji got the knowledge of those 4 disciplines from Suryadev. Thus even after marriage, Hanuman Ji is still a celibate.