Here are 7 reasons for hair loss, click here to know about them!


Nowadays most people are troubled by the problem of hair fall. There is no time to understand when the problem of hair loss becomes serious.

Sometimes hair starts falling due to the weather, and sometimes the reason for hair fall becomes a serious disease. If you are troubled by the problem of hair loss, then it is very important to know the hidden reasons behind it before the treatment.

So, before the treatment of hair fall, it is important to know the causes of hair fall –


Reasons for hair fall-

1 - Family History

Sometimes family history becomes the biggest reason behind hair loss. If your hair fall is due to family history, then the chances of hair loss can be reduced to some extent through proper diet and a better lifestyle.

2- Use of hair dryer

Most people use the hair dryer to dry their hair after a bath. However, many studies have shown that using a hair dryer to dry the hair leads to hair fall. Apart from this, the tools used to straighten or curl hair can also cause hair fall.

3- Chemical hair products

Nowadays, many products like shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil available in the market are chemical-rich. All these products damage the hair in many ways. Along with weakening the hair, it also gives rise to other problems related to hair.

4- Fungal infection and stress

Sometimes hair fall starts even if there is a fungal infection on the scalp. Apart from this, the hair of most people also starts falling due to heavy stress. To avoid this, it is very important to stay stress-free along with maintaining treatment and hygiene.

5- Because of thyroid

The overactive or underactive thyroid gland is also associated with hair loss. Rapid hair loss is a major symptom of thyroid enlargement. However, with its treatment, the problem of hair loss also starts decreasing.

6- Typhoid and viral infections


Due to typhoid and viral infections, sometimes hair starts falling rapidly. If you are in the grip of high fever, typhoid, or viral infection for a long time, then you may also have to face the problem of hair. But the good news is that with the treatment, the problem of hair also starts getting better.

7- Surgery and pregnancy

If hair loss does not subside even after a few months of major surgery, then the effect of surgery and anesthesia and delay in recovery may be the reason.