Heavy Latkan designs: - These heavy tassel designs will look great on a simple blouse


The fashion of tassels with a blouse is very old. Women are following this trend to date. However, earlier only a few types of pendants were available in the market, which women used to wear with all types of blouses or suits. Gradually, many designs of pendants started coming into the market, so now she can buy pendants according to her dress. 

Many women prefer to wear a simple blouse. In such a situation, the question comes to their mind how to make it beautiful? You can opt for a heavy pendant for this. Today we have brought you the best designs of pendants, seeing which everyone will surely appreciate your choice. 

Customized pendant

Nowadays the fashion of customized pendants is in trend. You can get this type of pendant attached to a simple blouse. If you want, you can also get your husband's name written.

The pendant seen in the photo has shells, which look very beautiful. You will get any colour in it, as this pendant has a round design in the middle, it will give an attractive look to your blouse. You will also find this pendant in Pearl. 

Mirror work pendant


Mirror work is most preferred in the pendant. This is the best tassel design to make a simple blouse attractive. In this, you will find single to triple mirror designs. It has hangings with a mirror, which makes the pendant look very beautiful. A backless V-neck goes well with this type of pendant. With this, you will get a modern look in a saree. You can also attach this pendant with any colour blouse.

Stone Design Pendant

This tassel design will give a traditional look to your blouse. It is mostly made of pearls. For this, put 2-3 strings in the blouse. Then the blouse will look very beautiful and unique by putting a tassel on all three strings. 

Green tassel pendant


You must have seen such earrings. This design is also becoming very popular in the pendant. However, this pendant is extremely simple. Best for blouse. You will find its different colours and designs in the market. 

Keep these things in mind

  • When buying a pendant, also pay attention to its quality. Many tassels are stinging, which can cause allergic reactions. 
  • Buy colourful pendants. It will match most of your blouses. 
  •  You should also pay special attention to the blouse design. Buy pendants accordingly. 


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