Heat Stroke Prevention: Keep these things in mind while leaving the house to avoid heatstroke


Heat Stroke Prevention Hot winds blowing in summer are called heat waves, which can prove to be very serious if the right preventive measures are not adopted. So in today's article, we are going to know about the measures to prevent heatstroke.

Heat Stroke Prevention: This time in April, the record of the heat of 122 years has been broken. In many places, the mercury has gone up to 45 to 47 degrees, while in May it is expected to go up to 50 degrees. According to the Meteorological Department, the heatwave conditions may become more severe in the next 5 days. So in such a situation, by taking care of what important things you can save yourself from the heat, know about them.

1- Whenever you want to go out in this scorching heat, leave only after covering the head well. Whether it is with clothes, umbrellas, or pots.

2- Do not let the lack of water in the body at all, along with drinking enough water, consume other healthy drinks, such as lemonade, buttermilk, lassi, and mango pana.

3- Keep the windows and doors of the house closed. Still, if hot air is coming from somewhere, then cover that place with something. By the way, reflectors can also be used.

4- Wear comfortable clothes in the summer season, especially of such fabrics which absorb sweat easily. Cotton is the most suitable fabric for this season.

5- It is better to stay away from chili, and spicy food in summer. Eating simple food is better for your health.

6- Along with vitamin C, also eat those fruits in which the amount of water is high.

7- Carry a bottle of water with you while going out.

8- If possible, take bath twice a day and use cold or normal water.

9- Use cold water for bathing and keep drinking water from time to time. Also, do not forget to carry water with you while leaving the house.

10- Eat only fresh food, do not eat stale food at all.

11- Avoid smoking, especially alcohol.

12- Take care of yourself as well as small children, elderly people and the animals present in the house. Along with eating healthy, keep giving them water from time to time.