Heat Rashes: Do not ignore the problem of heat rash, know how many types of heat rashes are there


Heat Rashes: Due to sweating in summer, a small red rash comes out on the body, in which there is a lot of itching and burning. This is a very common skin problem that occurs in summer, which is also called heat rash or heat rash.

Heat Rashes: When the heat increases beyond the limit, then the body starts getting wet with sweat. In such a situation, often our sweat glands i.e. the mouth of sweat glands, which we also call hair follicles, get closed. Then instead of blowing off steam, the sweat stops inside the skin. The cause of clogged pores is bacteria, which block the sweat gland.

Do not ignore the problem of prickly heat

Prickly heat or heat rash is not a serious skin disease, which is probably why we do not take it so seriously. We have no idea that this minor life-threatening disease can become the cause of our trouble. It can also be harmful to our skin. Because there is constant burning and itching in the skin due to prickly heat, we are unable to stop ourselves from itching and unknowingly invite bacterial infection. Once bacteria make their home in our skin, the discomfort can increase significantly.

The bacteria quickly multiply themselves in the skin. In such a situation, thousands of pimples emerge on the skin. Prickly heat is more in those parts of our body where air does not circulate properly and sweat does not dry properly. Therefore, it is advisable to wear loose and loose-fitting cotton clothes in the summers. Although prickly heat gets cured on its own after some time, many times such a situation arises that we have no solution other than medical treatment.

Prickly heat can be of many types

It depends on how deep our sweat glands are blocked. Accordingly, the symptoms of prickly heat are seen. The mildest or rather ineffective form of heat rash is Miliaria crystalline. It shows its effect on the upper surface of our skin. These types of prickly blisters are seen with watery blisters which burst easily. This type of prickly rash does not cause itching or pain.

Miliaria Rubra is a form of prickly heat that leaves a deep impact on the skin. This type of prickly rash appears in the form of red-reddish grains. This form of heat rash appears like a prick in the skin and causes extreme itching.

Miliaria pustulosa is another form of heat rash. In this type of heat rash, the water-filled grains often swell and the husband becomes full.

The inner layer of the skin ie the dermis also becomes vulnerable to prickly heat. Although it is not so common. There are very few cases when this form of heat rash that Miliaria Profunda bothers people. In this type of prickly heat, the stagnant sweat starts leaking from the sweat glands inside the skin. When this happens, the skin fills with hard, large sores of flesh. If not treated properly, it takes a serious form.