Heart Health Test: Detect heart disease at home, do the test like this...


Heart Test: Having the right information about heart-related problems in time and adopting the process of treatment by detecting it before the disease develops can control the death rate due to heart. In such a situation, to find out how safe your heart is, get a heart test done. You can easily do a heart health checkup yourself at home. Let's know the method of heart medical test to find out heart health at home


Test by length
According to a study, your height can tell about your risk of heart disease. The average height of men is 5 feet 9 inches. Whereas the average height of females is 5 feet 3 inches. But if you are 2.5 inches shorter than the average height, you may be at up to 13.5 percent higher risk of heart disease.

Body size
You can also find out your risk of heart disease by the size of your waist and hips. People whose waist size is more than hip size, have a much higher risk of heart disease. On the other hand, if there is fat around the stomach, then you are more prone to heart disease than normal people.

Test on stairs
The easiest way to do a heart medical test is to climb stairs. If you climb 50-60 steps in a minute, your heart is healthy. And if it takes you a long time to climb the stairs, then you need a proper heart checkup.


Sit-up test
Stand straight on the ground, then sit cross-legged on the ground and stand up again. If you easily do this procedure without any help, then your heart is healthy and the risk of death from heart disease is reduced by 21 percent. But if you find it hard to sit up, and get up with the help of hands or other organs, then your heart may become weak.

Jar opening test
According to a study, it was found that for people who have a strong grip, their heart is strong. To test this, try opening any jar or box. If you can easily open the lid of the jar, then the heart can be better.