Heart Attack Risk: Using these leaves will reduce the risk of heart attack! learn how to use


Heart Attack Risk: Do you know that the risk of heart attack can be reduced by neem leaves. So let's try to know how to use it.


Heart Attack Risk: By using some leaves, all kinds of risks are reduced. Something similar happens with neem leaves.  Everyone would know about Neem. This leaf is mostly used in summer. This not only keeps the heart healthy but also keeps many types of diseases away from you. Apart from this, what are the benefits of neem leaves? 

These will also be the benefits of neem leaves

Neem leaves are also used for leprosy. Its use also sharpens eyesight. Apart from this, diseases like intestinal worms, upset stomach, loss of appetite, and skin ulcers also end.

How to use neem leaves?


You can boil neem leaves and consume their water. Apart from this, you can also drink tea made from neem leaves. Although you will find it bitter, after getting its benefits, you will be forced to include it in your diet. 

Apart from this, people who have skin-related problems can also use neem leaves. For this, you can take a bath by putting neem leaves in water. With this, any kind of allergy on the skin can be eliminated.

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