Healthy lifestyle: These 5 signs will tell how many days you will live, Know more...


Indication of longevity: Don't know how many types of exercises you must be doing for your longevity. Although exercise is necessary to keep our body healthy, do you know that apart from this there are many such factors? Due to this your age can increase. Yes, today we are telling you 5 such types. On which the age of people depends. It has also been told in a study that your age is also decided by the age of the mother. Apart from this, 4 things are like this. Which you can control yourself.


According to a website, professors from Louisiana State and Baylor University have found in the study that communities are of small scale. There are shops with small businesses. The death rate is low in such areas.

Your personality
It has been told in a study that men who work with a sense of open mind gain experience and conscientiousness. Those people live longer. If we talk about women, then women understand things easily. Such women live longer than others.

How is your diet?
What do you eat and what do you drink? This has a deep connection with your age. People who consume foods rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Those people live longer.

Married life
Duke University study states that marriage helps in increasing the life of a person. People whose married life is happy. The age of those people increases.


Mother's age
According to a website, if your mother's age is 25 years or less when you were born, then you are likely to live longer because scientists say that at this age the quality of the mother's egg is good. Is.