Healthy foods: Along with providing nutrition, these best foods also reduce stress


Healthy foods: We all make a variety of foods a part of our diet for better nutrition. But do you know that some foods work to reduce stress along with nutrition? Learn about them…

There are some foods, which apart from nourishing the body, are effective in reducing stress. If you also live in stress due to a busy schedule and responsibilities, then take the help of these foods to reduce it.


Chamomile Tea: Rich in anti-inflammatory properties, this tea helps in keeping the stomach healthy. Along with this, its other properties work to relax the body. You can stay healthy with the nutrients present in it.


Parsley: Rich in many antioxidants and vitamin K, parsley works to keep the body healthy. Also, the vitamin C present in it reduces the stress caused by us. You can consume it in the form of salad or soup.


Omega-3: is an essential nutrient, which in addition to reducing stress, protects us from many heart diseases. It has also been found that omega-3 can reduce the effects of depression. You can accomplish this through fish. On the other hand, vegetarians can consume avocado or flax seeds.


Dark chocolate: It contains many antioxidants, which work to reduce stress. Eating 50-60 grams of chocolate a day can increase memory, as well as helps in controlling BP. Blood circulation can also be improved by this.