Healthy Vitamins for Women: Women must take these 5 vitamins to stay healthy in their growing age


Healthy Vitamins for Women: If women want to keep themselves healthy for a long time, then along with a healthy diet, they should also start taking some vitamin supplements. With this, many types of problems can be avoided with increasing age.

Healthy Vitamins for Women: As age increases, from immunity to bones, bones start getting weaker, especially in women. Due to this, the body becomes a victim of many diseases. Women need to take care of their health along with their families. So if you want to remain healthy even in old age, then start consuming these vitamins daily.

Vitamin C

The function of vitamin C is to strengthen the body's immunity. Due to this, the body is protected from many types of infectious diseases. Apart from this, vitamin C also keeps the skin healthy.


Folate is also called vitamin B9, which is very important during pregnancy. Due to its deficiency, the risk of problems related to the brain and spine increases to a great extent in the baby. Folate helps in making red blood cells. Especially this vitamin should be taken during pregnancy.


Most Indian women struggle with iron deficiency. Iron is very important for the proper function of the reproductive organs. Apart from this, its work is to build energy, make red blood cells, heal wounds, and keep the immune system healthy.

Vitamin D and Vitamin B6

Vitamin D intake is very important to avoid the problem of arthritis or joint pain in old age. Most women in the age group of 19 to 50 suffer from various nutritional deficiencies. It contains Vitamin D and B6. In such a situation, women of this age should consume 15 mg of vitamin D daily. So at the same time, vitamin B6 should be about 1.3 mg, during pregnancy about 1.9 mg, and lactating ladies should consume about 2 mg of vitamin B6 daily.