Healthy Summer Drinks: These Desi Healthy Drinks Will Help You Save From Heatstroke


Healthy Summer Drinks: To avoid heatstroke in summer, you can include many types of healthy drinks in your diet. This will help keep you hydrated. Let’s know which desi drinks you can include in the diet.

Heat is harmful to our health as well as our skin. We must take precautions to protect ourselves from the heat. It is advised not to step out of the house much to avoid heatstroke, not to move around without slippers or shoes, not to send children out too much, and to eat a healthy diet. To avoid the heat, keep these things in mind. Stay hydrated at all times. regularly to the body Consume cool healthy drinks. It will keep you healthy and will also help protect against heatstroke. This will help you to stay hydrated.


Buttermilk is one of the best healthy drinks to keep hydrated in summers. It contains lactic acid. It is rich in calcium. It keeps your bones strong. The good bacteria present in it keep the digestive system healthy. This is a traditional drink. You can consume it regularly to avoid dehydration.

Coconut water

A glass of coconut water is very beneficial for health. Coconut water helps in keeping the body hydrated. It removes fatigue. It keeps the heart-healthy. Potassium is abundant in it. This mineral keeps blood pressure under control. Coconut water is beneficial for your kidneys. It helps in removing the problem of kidney stones.


Lemonade is a popular healthy drink consumed during summers. It is rich in Vitamin C. It helps to protect against heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. It is a great source of flavonoids. It removes the problem of arthritis. It helps in reducing inflammation of the body. Lemon contains citrate which prevents the formation of kidney stones. Regular consumption of lemon water helps in weight loss, mental health, and keeping the digestive system healthy.


Sattu is a great drink to consume in the summer season. Sattu protects you from heat. It keeps the body cool. This is an excellent source of protein. It can also get rid of stomach problems. Along with this, sattu helps in keeping your stomach healthy.