Healthy Shake: Make this very tasty and healthy shake at home, children will be happy to see


Kiwi is a super healthy fruit. It is very beneficial for health. It contains vitamins and minerals. That's why it is called the powerhouse of nutrients. You can consume this healthy fruit in many ways. You can also make a delicious shake and add it to your diet. You can make this shake using banana and kiwi. Kiwi and Banana Shake tastes great. So let's know how to make Kiwi and Banana Shake.


Cold milk - 4 cups
– Banana – 2
– Pomegranate seeds – 1/4 cup
– Kiwi – 2
Honey – 2 tbsp
Ice cubes – 4 cubes


How to make
-Peel and grate a squash and squeeze out its juice. Then cut it into two pieces and put it in the mixer. Now add 2 cups of milk and crush it. Then add honey and 2 cups of milk and crush it again.

-Then add ice cubes to this mixture and blanch the fruit until it is well crushed. Now take a glass and put pomegranate seeds in it, now put the ground mixture in the mixer in the glass. So the very tasty -Banana and Kiwi Shake is ready. Which is tremendous in taste as well as it has health benefits too.