Healthy Recipe: Be careful about your diet, make ragi ladoos, health and taste will come together...


Many people like sweet food. But there they are bored with sweets. So this time prepare Ragi laddus at home. These laddus, rich in nutritious elements, will control your diet. Also, the food will be wonderful. So this time you try making special ragi laddus.


Ingredients for making Ragi Laddu
One cup of ragi flour, half a cup of sugar powder or powdered sugar, half a cup of desi ghee, almonds ten to fifteen, cashews eight to ten, walnuts two to three, raisins seven to eight.

How to make Ragi Ladoo
First, roast cashews and almonds by adding a little ghee to the pan. Keep it aside. When it cools down, cut them into small pieces. Also, add walnuts and raisins into pieces and mix them. If you like any other dry fruits then you can add them. Now heat ghee in a pan. When the ghee becomes hot, add ragi flour to it and fry it on low flame. When the ragi flour is roasted and a strong aroma starts coming from it. Then turn off the gas.


Now add chopped dry fruits to the roasted ragi flour. Let this dough cool down. Until it is touchable by hand. When it cools down a bit, add sugar powder to it. You can increase or decrease the amount of sugar according to taste. After mixing both the things well, tie the laddoos. To tie the laddus, apply a little desi ghee on the hands. Then tie all the laddoos comfortably. Keep them on a separate tray. Delicious and healthy ragi laddus are just ready.