Healthy Pasta At Home: Make Pasta With This Spicy Twist


Kids love pasta very much. People eat it mostly as a snack in homes. But if you always give healthy snacks and breakfast to the kids. So this time feed them this tasty dish of pasta. Unlike restaurants and street food, the taste of this spicy pasta made at home will be quite different and will be liked by kids as well as adults. So let's know what is the recipe of making spicy pasta.


Ingredients for Making Spicy Pasta
If you want, you can also take Macaroni for two cups of pasta. Together with two tomatoes, one onion, a spoonful of mozzarella cheese, crushed red chili, ginger. Green chili, ketchup one spoon, green coriander finely chopped, oil, salt as per taste.

Spicy Pasta Recipe
First boil the pasta. To cook it, heat water in a vessel. Add some oil to this water. So that the pasta does not stick to each other after cooking. And make it easier. When the water starts boiling, add pasta and cook it. When the pasta is cooked, filter it in a sieve and take it out. Wash the pasta with cold water so that it does not overcook.


Now add onion, ginger, green chili, tomato and grind it. Put oil in a pan and heat it. When the oil is hot, add chilli ginger paste along with onions and tomatoes. Fry the paste well. When it starts leaving oil, add mayonnaise, ketchup, red chili powder, a spoonful of cheese and salt to taste and stir. Fry it for about two to three minutes while stirring it with a ladle. After frying all the spices, add cooked pasta to it. Mix well by stirring. At the end, serve after chopping chili flakes and green coriander. And serve hot.