Healthy Lifestyle Tips: Not eating food at any one time can cause harm to the health


Healthy Lifestyle: Tips In the pursuit of losing weight, sometimes breakfast is skipped due to getting up late in the morning, in the same way, the time of lunch and dinner also gets spoiled. Which is not at all good for our health. This can cause many problems.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips: With the kind of busy and difficult routine we have today, it is very common to not eat food and eat something that we know is not good for us. The option of 24 hours food delivery has worked to spoil the eating habit to a great extent. According to recent research, proper planning of meal timings and ingredients is very important for a good and active lifestyle. About which we are going to know here today.


Being the most important food, 'Having your breakfast like a king' is the right advice that our elders often give us. It is very important to know that in the morning our blood sugar level is less than what is considered appropriate and the body's energy is exhausted. By having a healthy breakfast at the right time, the body can be kept active and weight can be maintained. It also improves metabolism.


Lunch can be considered an essential meal, as it helps in refreshing the body with essential nutrients and gives us the energy to do everyday tasks. It is common to skip lunch due to work pressure, meeting long hours, office deadlines, or trying to lose weight. According to the Weight-Control Information Network, people who frequently skip meals tend to gain more weight than those who eat little during the day.


Snacks are effective in controlling hunger, which prevents us from overeating before our mealtime. Snacks keep us fresh. Helps to focus more on work and prevents energy levels from falling. But snack is necessary, eating unhealthy in this affair is not at all right. Choose healthy options like sweet potato chaat, whole fruits, green smoothies, and chilla.


Dinner is as important for the body as the rest of the food. It is important to have a healthy dinner, as the body has to starve for the next 8-10 hours. It is also necessary to maintain the level of glucose at night. Eat things like roti- lentils, green smoothie, capsicum, peas, potatoes, sambar, soybean, tofu, and cauliflower at night.

1. Switch to plant-based products instead of animal-based ones.

2. Eat whole grains.

4. Take fresh and raw food items.

5. Consume organic food as compared to food containing pesticides and chemicals.

(Based on a conversation with Mr. Gagan Dhawan, Founder, and CEO, of The New Me)