Health tips: These four things are very beneficial for men, definitely add them to the diet


- Due to smoking -Adding junk food to your diet

- Due to lack of omega 3 in the body 

- Due to tight underwear 

- Due to alcohol consumption 

- Consumption of excessive amount of fat because of


What to eat to increase sperm count?

Men can add eggs to their diet. Explain that vitamin-E, zinc and protein are found inside eggs, which are useful in increasing sperm count. 

Even if an apple is consumed daily, the sperm count can be increased. Let us tell you that anti-oxidant elements are found inside apples which are very useful for fertility. 

Tomatoes are also very useful for men's health. Let us tell you that anti-oxidant elements are present inside tomatoes. In this case, it can be consumed as a salad or as a vegetable. 

Garlic is also very useful for health. Let us tell you that vitamin B-6 is found inside garlic, which can prove useful in increasing fertility.