Health tips: Take special care of your skin in this way in the rain


Everyone likes monsoon rains, but in this season health has to suffer a lot. Apart from this, the skin has to face many other problems. It is great to get wet and have fun in the monsoon rains, but due to the humidity in the environment, many diseases of itching, burning, red spots, and infection start.


* For your information, let us tell you that if you see that the sky is surrounded by clouds, then you must use sunscreen 20 minutes before leaving the house. Yes and make sure your sunscreen gel.

* If you live in icy areas or live close to sea level, then the rays of the sun are very strong in these areas and apart from this, you will get the pain in these places. P. F40 sunscreen should be used.

* If you have oily skin then it would be better to use sunscreen gels.

* Apart from this, as soon as you wake up in the morning in the rain, first mix lemon juice in hot water and consume it.


* Include foods like fruits, vegetables, salads, curd, and lassi in your diet during the rainy season. In this season, it would be better to avoid tea, coffee, cold drinks, etc., while due to the potassium present in coconut water, it will be better for your skin.