Health tips: Not only cancer but these serious diseases can also be caused by tobacco consumption


Global Adult Tobacco Survey About 35 percent of Indians use tobacco in some form or the other. Of these, 47 percents are men and 20.2% are women. How tobacco becomes fatal for the body. Tobacco weakens the teeth and leads to premature loss. Consumption of which leads to dental and oral diseases.

In addition, it reduces the amount of eyestrain. Tobacco is also very dangerous for the lungs. Actually, the nicotine present in tobacco also increases blood pressure. If you smoke, its smoke affects the entire respiratory system. Consuming too much tobacco increases the chances of getting oral cancer.

Let us tell you that most people who eat tobacco are not able to open their mouths completely. White lines on both sides of the mouth are a sign of progressing toward cancer. And if it is not taken care of in time, it can be dangerous. The person who eats tobacco feels that he is getting some kind of mental peace by eating it and he has become used to it.


Let us tell you that the abortion rate in women who use tobacco is about 15% higher than that of normal women and women who use tobacco are more prone to lung cancer, heart attack, respiratory disease, reproductive disorders, pneumonia, and Menstrual.