Health tips: If you want to bring weight under control, then bring improvement in these habits from today, Know more...


Weight gain and obesity have become a big problem in today's time. Due to increasing obesity, the risk of diseases also increases. People take many measures to lose weight, but if they do not work, then negativity starts coming. If people do not see changes in their own body despite making sweat in the gym, then it is obvious to be disappointed. In such a situation, you need to understand where you are making a mistake, due to which you are not getting the right result. Today in this episode, we are going to tell you that by changing some habits, the problem of weight control can be overcome. Let's know about it...


Eat healthy fat
It is often seen that people stop eating foods like nuts, seeds, cheese and butter in order to give up extra calories, which is wrong. Keep in mind that the healthy fats found in these things take longer to digest than proteins and carbs, so you are less likely to feel hungry. Scientists found that people often overestimate the calorie count they burn while exercising. As a result they allow themselves to eat more food, thinking they have expended too much energy.

Drink water before eating food
To lose weight, you have to take care that you have to drink more and more water. Often people underestimate the importance of drinking water. Fluids not only keep us hydrated, but also provide a feeling of fullness and help us eat less. To lose weight, you must drink a big glass of water 30 minutes before a meal.

Great idea to smell olive oil
Scientists have found that adding olive oil to your diet can make you feel full faster. It has also been found that the smell of olive oil also prolongs the time for sugar levels to stabilize, so that you do not feel hungry. Appetite is controlled by a hormone called ghrelin. Its level rises when you are under stress and decreases when you enjoy eating.


Drink lukewarm water instead of tea
According to a research, drinking tea or coffee early in the morning can have a bad effect on your health. Not only this, it can become a hindrance in the way of weight loss. You can drink lukewarm water first thing in the morning to lose weight. This will improve your digestive system and it will also be easier to lose weight.