Health tips: Apply these 5 household things immediately on an ant or insect bites, pain and burning will go away


It is common for ants to come out of the house during the summer. Tell that if there is any sweet thing or any other food item lying anywhere in the house, then everyone is afraid that ants may fall in it. The arrival of ants also indicates good and bad. Today we are going to tell you some such home remedies which can be useful for you.

Ice: For your information, let us tell you that if an ant bites, then first of all rub ice on it, this is the easiest way to avoid this pain. Do not rub the ice cube directly, wrap it in a cloth or make an ice pack and bake it. 

Aloe vera: The use of aloe vera is very beneficial in any problem related to the skin. You can also apply aloe vera on ant bites, it will help you to get rid of irritation and pain.


Vinegar: Let us tell you that vinegar is known as medicine. It not only provides relief from pain, burning, and swelling but also takes care of the skin of that area. Yes, but to apply it, first dip one of your cotton balls in vinegar and then apply it to that area.


Coconut oil: Coconut oil is beneficial in many things, but you can get relief by applying it even after ant bites. For this, apply a few drops of oil to the burnt area and massage it with your fingers. Due to this, the burning sensation goes away in a short time. First, soak the teabag and then apply it where the ant has bitten.