Health in the budget: Lemon has become expensive, yet do not worry, you can get enough vitamin-C from these things too


In this era of corona infection, all of us are constantly trying to increase our immunity. Having a strong immune system reduces the risk of many types of infections and diseases. Studies have found that consuming things that are rich in Vitamin-C and D can help you strengthen your immunity. Lemon is considered to be the easiest and better source of vitamin-C, although the way the prices of lemons have been seen increasing in the past, in such a situation, being able to consume it daily can be heavy on the pockets of the common people. In such a situation, the question arises that apart from lemon, what other things can be included in the diet to get vitamin-C? Research shows that vitamin-C can be obtained in the amount of 53 mg from 100 grams of lemon. At the same time, to stay healthy, a person needs vitamin-C in the amount of 65-90 mg daily. Amidst the rising inflation of lemons, people have to increase their dependence on other things for vitamin-C. Let us know that apart from lemon, which other things can be consumed in sufficient amount of Vitamin-C?


Get Vitamin C from Citrus Fruits
Apart from lemon, other citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit, amla also have sufficient amount of vitamin-C. One medium-sized orange contains 70 milligrams of vitamin C. Consuming orange can also be a good option in many stomach problems with skin. In the midst of rising prices of lemons, you can include oranges in the diet. At the same time, about 32 milligrams of vitamin-C can be obtained from 100 grams of grapes.

Kiwi beneficial in many ways
Eating kiwi is also considered good for increasing immunity power. This fruit is a rich source of vitamin-C, as well as the antioxidants present in it, can protect the body from many types of serious and chronic diseases. 100 grams of kiwi fruit can provide 92 milligrams of vitamin-C, which makes this fruit the best source of this immune-boosting vitamin. Include one kiwi fruit daily in the diet.

Green leafy vegetables and greens
Vitamin-C is also found in sufficient quantity in green leafy vegetables and greens along with iron. For example, in 100 grams of spinach, there is vitamin-C in the amount of 28 mg. Including leafy greens in your diet can have special benefits for your health. Along with iron, vitamin-B, folate and vitamin-A are also found in sufficient quantity in greens, which the body needs daily.


Tomato is also a good option
Bright red tomatoes, which are considered the lifeblood of vegetables, are also rich in vitamin C. One cup (100 grams) of tomatoes contains about 25 milligrams of vitamin-C. Tomatoes are also rich in many other vitamins that boost the health of the body. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which can be helpful in keeping the body safe from the risk of chronic diseases. Including tomatoes in the diet can also be a good option for you.