Health benefits: Buttermilk is very beneficial for health, and you will be surprised to know its benefits!


Buttermilk is a favorite drink in India because of the health benefits people prefer to consume it. Even ancient Ayurvedic scriptures recommend the consumption of buttermilk on a regular basis. Buttermilk is the favorite drink of North India in summer. Apart from being tasty and light, buttermilk has many other benefits.

Here is a list of 5 health benefits of buttermilk or buttermilk.


1. Reduces acidity

One of the major advantages of buttermilk is that it reduces acidity as it is made from curd. If you experience frequent acid reflux after meals then you should start drinking buttermilk.

A glass of buttermilk after meals can aid digestion and reduce acidity. Some additional spices, such as dry ginger or black pepper, can enhance its properties even more. It can reduce heartburn associated with acid reflux.

2. Removes constipation

Buttermilk is another natural remedy to prevent constipation and related issues. Due to its high fiber content, buttermilk can help with bowel movements and ease the condition if you drink it every day.

3. Keeps You Hydrated

It is the ideal drink to keep your body hydrated, especially during summer. Dehydration can lead to a variety of ailments and overall discomfort. Due to its high electrolyte content, buttermilk prevents water loss in your body. As a result, it naturally moisturizes your body and prevents summer ailments like prickly heat rash.


4. Rich in Calcium

One of the best sources of calcium is buttermilk. Many people cannot consume milk or any other dairy product because they are lactose intolerant. The good news is that even people who are lactose intolerant can consume buttermilk without any negative effects.

Additionally, because buttermilk is fat-free and a wonderful source of calcium for those who are dieting or trying to lose weight,

5. Lowers Cholesterol

Ayurvedic texts state that consuming buttermilk regularly can lower your cholesterol. Science has also supported this, with several types of research showing how buttermilk lowers cholesterol levels.