Health Tips of the day: If you are troubled by knee pain, then follow these effective tips in everyday life, know here...


With age, it is common to have problems like cramping, swelling, and pain in the knees. Due to this, it becomes difficult to walk and even sit up. Experts believe that if you take care of some things even in time, then you can prevent knee pain from increasing. Let's know which are those effective tips:

1. Keep a close eye on your weight: For people who have a lot of weight, knee pain is more bothersome to them. People suffering from obesity can control this problem by reducing their weight.


2. Pay attention to your body posture: The wrong way of getting up and sitting, the way of walking, and the posture that happens during this, also causes pain in the knees. For this take the help of a physiotherapist. They will tell you the right way to keep the right posture, get up and walk so that the pain can be removed only through exercise.

3. Pay Attention to Shoes and Sleepers: Sometimes, high heels, wrong size, improper fitting, and wearing of poor quality footwear are also the major causes of knee pain, strain, and cramps. Wearing high or pencil heels throughout the day causes pain in the waist, shoulders, and calves. To get relief from this pain, wear sports shoes and sneakers.

4. Diet and Exercise: If you want to get rid of knee pain, then take a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

5. Do not think of knees as a machine: It is a good thing to be active with increasing age. But don't make the mistake of thinking of your body as a machine. Do not do any such activity, which stresses the muscles and joints. If you have pain in the knees or other joints of the body after exercising, walking, or doing household chores, then instead of ignoring it, see an orthopedic doctor immediately.

6. Do not work continuously: Do not work sitting in one place for many hours. Take breaks in between during work. Take a little walk Stretch your legs. So that the muscles are also active.

7. Exercise: Exercise is very important to stay fit. You can exercise anytime in the morning or evening at your convenience.


8. Make compresses: To relieve knee pain, apply ice compresses or hot compresses as per the advice of doctors.

9. When not to exercise: When the body is very tired, then do not exercise. It is not good to put extra stress on a tired body, knees, and muscles.

10. Take advice from a trainer: Avoid doing such exercises, which cause stress in the knees, especially when there is knee pain. Do not play sports like tennis, squash, basketball, and football. These can cause knee pain later. Movements that give sudden jerks to the knees are harmful to the knee joint.