Health Tips: Why does the risk of asthma attack increase in the cold? It is very important to take care of these things...


Prevent Asthma Attacks in Winters: The better the winter season for fun and food, the more the risk of diseases in this season. With the arrival of winter, the risk of many diseases also increases. One of these diseases is the problem of asthma. With the arrival of the cold, the number of asthma patients also starts increasing. Asthma is a respiratory disease in which a person has difficulty in breathing due to inflammation in the airways. That's why the winter season is a bit troublesome for asthma patients.


Due to the narrowing of the airways and pollution in cold weather, the chances of an asthma attack increase manifold. Our weak immune system is also a major reason behind the increase in the symptoms of asthma, so we must adopt a lifestyle that strengthens our immune system. Due to the narrowing of the airways due to cold and continuous exposure to smog, the suffering of asthma patients increases considerably.

The problem of asthma can occur at any age, but in most cases, it starts in childhood. Usually, it is a life-long disease, but it can be controlled to a great extent through just medicine and an inhaler. Almost similar symptoms of this disease are found in small children and an adult.

The main symptoms of asthma
- persistent cough
- having a cold
-Multiple sneezing at once
- shortness of breath on slight exertion
-Whistling sound while breathing
- the feeling of tightness in the chest
- panic button

Risk factors for asthma
- exposure to cold air
– Fog, mist, smoke, dust, contamination of pollution
-Asthma symptoms also increase due to the hair of pet dogs and cats living in closed houses.
- Using cold foods kept in the fridge

How to avoid asthma in winter
Wear warm clothes: In the winter season, patients suffering from asthma and sinus need extra care. To avoid an asthma attack, warm or woolen clothes should be worn. Cold winds can increase its symptoms, so your body should be kept warm.

Avoid smoke: In winter, smoke increases the problems of asthma patients, so sinus and asthma patients should stay away from smoke. Along with this, it is very important to protect from dust as well.

Drink lukewarm water: The problem of cough and cold increases in the winter season and if it lasts for several days, it can turn into asthma. That's why one should keep drinking lukewarm water in cold weather. The problem of mucus in the lungs is also removed by lukewarm water.


Away from alcohol-cigarettes: Both alcohol and smoking are extremely fatal for asthma and sinus patients. Smoking makes the lungs weak, which can increase the suffering of asthma patients. That's why it is necessary to change these habits.

Breathe with mouth closed: Many people breathe through the mouth which promotes asthma. If you breathe through your mouth, then more cold air enters your respiratory tract and this blocks the way of breathing. Cold air reaches your lungs, which also increases the chances of an asthma attack.