Health Tips: Which fruit is beneficial in cold and cough and which can increase the problem, know here...


Health Tips Fruits For Cold And Cough: Winter season has arrived. During this season the chances of getting various diseases increases. Most people complain of cough and cold in winter. When there is a cough, abstinence from food and drink also starts. Cold water should not be drunk, such things should not be consumed, which increases the complaint of cough. There are many misconceptions about the consumption of fruits during cough. People advise that citrus fruits or juicy fruits should not be consumed in case of cough and cold. This aggravates the problem of cough. But do you know which fruits should actually be consumed when cough comes and which fruits should be avoided? Let us know the advantages and disadvantages of consuming fruits for cough and cold.


Which fruit should be consumed in cough
According to dieticians and nutritionists, citric fruits should be consumed for the problem of cough. Citric fruits work to increase immunity. Consumption of them reduces the problem of cough. Here are the beneficial fruits of cough.

Experts say that apples can also be consumed in case of cough. Cough can be reduced by eating apples. The medicinal properties found in apples remove viral infections.

Consumption of kiwi is effective in the complaint of cough. Kiwi is rich in vitamins C and E, which reduce allergies and infections and boost immunity power.


Do not consume these fruits in cough
There is no such fruit, whose consumption during cough can cause harm. However, if you are allergic to any fruit, do not consume it. It is worth noting that the consumption of citrus fruits should be reduced during the night or evening when a cough comes. Apart from this, if fruits are kept in the fridge, then their consumption should be avoided.