Health Tips: What is the difference between acidity and gas? know here...


Acidity and gas: Due to today's bad lifestyle, people are falling prey to serious diseases. Acidity and gas are common problems. This happens when you eat fried-roasted and oil-spiced things more. But if these problems are not rectified in time, then they can cause health problems. Today in this article we will talk about the difference between acidity and gas.


Difference between acidity and gas. Acidity and gas
Gas occurs through belching or through bloating. An average person passes gas about 13 to 21 times a day. It is mostly made up of carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and methane. Let us tell you that gas is caused by eating apples, legumes, broccoli, sprouted seeds, cabbage, cabbage, onions, and peaches.


Acidity occurs when the tube leading from the throat to the stomach suddenly relaxes or is unable to tighten the tube properly. Its tube is made of circular muscles which act as a valve between the stomach and the esophagus. When this happens, there are problems like burning in the throat, burning sensation in the chest, and pain in the stomach. Due to this, the risk of ulcers, pancreas cancer, etc. increases. Drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, obesity, and pregnancy can be behind acidity.