Health Tips: Weight increases due to many reasons of surgery, know the big reasons and ways to avoid it...


How To Get Rid Of Surgery Weight: If the weight is increasing rapidly, then a major reason for this can be recent surgery. Weight usually increases after a C-section after pregnancy or surgery for stones in the gallbladder. The Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System shows that post-pregnancy weight gain has increased by 70 percent over the years. Even a minor procedure like tonsillectomy can lead to weight gain. However, for some time after surgery, exercise and a special diet can be used to control weight. But it is very important to know what is the reason behind the weight gain. Let us know why weight increases after surgery.
water retention


Water retention is known in the medical term as postoperative edema. This is one of the major reasons for weight gain after surgery. The body appears plump and swollen after surgery due to fluid moving between body compartments as a result of tissue injury.

Post-surgery stress increases cortisol and antidiuretic hormone. Increased levels can impair kidney function and cause water retention.

Women with post-traumatic stress disorder tend to put on more weight. After surgery, due to trauma, their weight increases rapidly.

Medicines taken for recovery after surgery can also increase weight. Medicines taken for recovery affect the metabolism and cause weight gain.
How to get rid of increasing weight

Focus on Lean Protein – Protein plays an important role in the recovery process. To control the increasing weight, consume lean protein with less fat.

Eat more fruits and vegetables- Vegetables and fruits are rich in water and fiber which can help prevent excessive weight gain. Consume it mainly after the C section.

Stay hydrated- drinking more water improves metabolism and digestion. So stay hydrated to lose weight.


Stay active- Be active apart from a good diet to lose weight. The more active the body is, the faster the calories will be burnt.

Weight gain is a common problem after surgery which can be controlled with small Erft. For this, expert advice can also be taken.