Health Tips: Weakness of bones and problems of arthritis at young age are happening due to these reasons, know here...


Healthy bones are considered to be the most essential for maintaining proper body structure and stability. In addition to maintaining the body's structure, bones have a special role in protecting vital organs, protecting muscles, and storing calcium. The effect of any kind of problem occurring in it can affect the quality of the body, which is why all people are advised to keep taking measures to keep bones healthy from an early age. However, it has been seen that due to some factors, the risk of osteoporosis and many types of diseases related to it is increasing in young people.


Health experts say, our bones are constantly changing nature. New bones are formed and old bones are destroyed. However, for the formation of new bones, the body regularly needs a variety of essential nutrients, which are considered very necessary to get through food.

Loss of bone density can occur due to a variety of problems related to our lifestyle and diet. Let us know that due to this the risk of osteoporosis and related diseases is increasing in people at an early age.

Calcium-Vitamin D deficiency in the diet
Calcium is one of the most important nutrients required by our body. Everyone needs this nutrient for the strength of bones as well as teeth. Lack of calcium in the diet can increase the risk of developing bone problems, similarly, vitamin D deficiency can also cause bone problems. Be sure to get these nutrients through food. For this, consuming dairy products, and green leafy vegetables can be a better option.

Increased risk of physical inactivity
Physical inactivity is considered harmful to the whole body. Researchers found that physically inactive people may be at a higher risk of developing serious problems, such as osteoporosis, than other people their age.

Apart from keeping the circulation of blood in the body, regular exercise and yoga can be beneficial for you in reducing the risk of many other types of health problems.

Weight gain bad for bones
Increased weight is known as a major factor for the rapidly increasing problems of arthritis worldwide. Being overweight puts extra pressure on the knees, which can increase the risk of developing bone diseases, especially arthritis. Obesity can cause damage to the soft tissues of the bones and cause osteoarthritis. According to experts, the problem of arthritis is seen more in women than in men due to weight gain.


Tobacco and alcohol consumption
Research suggests that the habit of using tobacco and alcohol weakens the bones. Tobacco use increases the risk of bone tissue damage. In addition, researchers found that alcohol consumption increases the risk of osteoporosis. Along with bone diseases, the risk of lung and heart-related problems is also high due to tobacco and alcohol consumption. Get rid of this habit immediately.