Health Tips: Try these home remedies to get rid of Dog Bite infections...


Many people are very afraid of dogs and for this reason they shy away from going out alone even outside the house. Cases of stray dogs biting children in the street have started increasing. In such a situation, there is a need to be very careful. If a dog bites, it can cause many dangerous problems. There is a fear of spreading rabies in the body when a dog bites. If someone is bitten by a dog, he should immediately go to the doctor. But at the same time, you should also know the first aid related to it so that the problem is prevented from increasing in time. First aid given to a dog bite victim at the right time reduces the risk of rabies by up to eighty percent. Let's know what to do if a dog bites...


# Wash the space of the byte
If a dog bites a person in front of you, without delay, clean the place where the dog has bitten with water. Use a mild soap to wash the bite area. Wash the bite area for at least ten minutes. This can prevent the virus from spreading.

# Apply antiseptic
After washing the bite area thoroughly, dry it thoroughly with the help of a cloth. After drying, apply antiseptic cream on that area. If there is no antiseptic cream, you can clean the area with alcohol or iodine solution.


# Get vaccinated
Do not delay after giving so much first aid. Get to a hospital or clinic where dog bite vaccine is available as soon as possible. Give the victim an anti-rabies injection immediately. Apart from this, whether the immunoglobulin injection should be given or not, the doctor decides.