Health Tips: To stay healthy, every woman should get these 6 medical tests done


Women often ignore their physical problems. Women are not aware of their health until the problem increases. However, the first thing every woman should do is to pay attention to her health. With age, there are more changes in the body of women. Feels weak with time. women with edge (Women Health Issue) Productivity starts getting affected. In such a situation, with time, some checkups for women (Health Checkup) Should be done. In fact, aging increases the risk of deterioration in health. Let us know which tests should be done by women.

Here are some health checkups for women:

Pap smear test

A Pap smear test is a screening procedure, commonly used to detect cervical cancer. Let us tell you that this is mainly a test done for the presence of cancer or pre-cancerous cells in the cervix.

Pelvic test

A pelvic test is a physical examination of a woman’s vagina, cervix, bladder, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and rectum, in which first the outside of the vagina is examined, and then the rest of the organs are examined later. This is done to check the symptoms of diseases in the organs of a woman.


A mammogram is an X-ray used to examine a woman’s breast. This test reveals breast cancer. Breast cancer is detected early by this gene. Women should get this test done if there is a problem in the breast.

Thyroid function test

Thyroid function tests should usually be done. This test shows whether the thyroid gland in the body is working properly or not. Many processes take place in the body, such as energy production, and metabolism The proper functioning of these glands is important.

Lipid panel test

Lipid profiles are specifically used to determine the risk of heart disease. This test typically also involves a combination of blood tests. With its help, the level of 4 types of lipids in our blood is measured.

Blood pressure test

A blood pressure test is done to check this. This test should be done if there is weakness, dizziness, or nervousness in any way. High or low blood pressure can have some effect on a person’s body.

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