Health Tips: To avoid the smell of underarms, follow these effective home remedies today...


Be it winter or summer, many people sweat a lot on their underarms. Because of this, their body starts to smell. This problem increases even more when you have to go to a party or meeting. In such a situation, due to sweat on the underarms, the smell starts. Then it doesn't take long for jokes to be made about you. Some people start feeling that maybe you do not come after taking a bath. In such a situation, it is very important that apart from good deo, and body spray, you can control the smell of your underarms to a great extent by adopting some home remedies.


The best way to deal with the bad smell of underarms is to apply tomatoes under the armpits. This keeps the smell under control.

Lemon is also the best way to cover up any bad smell. You can apply lemon juice under the underarms. You may also have a slight burning sensation after applying it.

Camphor i.e. camphor is also effective in reducing the problem of underarms to a great extent. You have to grind camphor and mix it in aloe vera gel. Then apply it under the underarms.


Keep hair removed
Hair also causes a lot of sweating, so if you keep the underarm hair removed all the time, it will cause you to sweat less and due to less sweating, your underarms will also smell less. Whatever solution you adopt, follow this step.