Health Tips: This 'desi drink' is beneficial for the liver, keeps the stomach and immunity healthy...


Healthy eating habits have been emphasized in India over the years. This is the reason that the spices and food items used daily in our kitchen have been considered very beneficial for the body. Especially in this summer season, there are many alternatives to such indigenous drinks, which have not only been the choice of people in terms of taste but have also been found to be very beneficial in terms of health.


Lassi is one such drink, which is considered by both Ayurveda and medical science as a very effective drink for health, especially in keeping the liver healthy. By keeping the liver strong, you can avoid many types of liver diseases. This includes hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, etc. In such a situation, lassi is beneficial to keep the liver healthy.

Benefits of lassi for liver
Yogurt and lassi are one of the best natural sources of probiotics. Scientists believe that its consumption can be very helpful in reducing the accumulation of fat in the liver, inflammation in the liver, reducing the symptoms of cirrhosis, and easing the functions of the liver. Since lassi is known to be very beneficial for liver health, experts believe that people trying to lose weight can also benefit from it.

Skin benefits
The lactic acid present in lassi not only helps fight infection, but is also helpful in preventing acne, moisturizing your skin, and reducing blemishes. The combination of lactic acid and vitamin D is also helpful in reducing the effects of aging on your skin. Along with the skin, lassi is also beneficial for keeping your hair healthy.

Weakness of bones goes away
Lassi is rich in calcium, so it can be a great drink to make your bones strong. Calcium-rich things are considered very beneficial in keeping bones and teeth healthy. Consuming calcium-rich foods regularly can go a long way in preventing bone problems that occur with age.


Immunity gets stronger
Including lassi in your daily diet can be very helpful in boosting the immune system. It is a rich source of lactic acid and vitamin D, which help in boosting the immune system and keeping the body safe from various diseases. Experts recommend the consumption of lassi for better health of the body along with strong immunity.