Health Tips: These foods will work to increase the immunity of children in scorching summer

Health Tips: It is common to have problems of fatigue and lethargy in scorching heat. In such a situation, let’s find out which foods you can include in their diet to increase the immunity of children.

To protect ourselves from the scorching heat, we include many types of cold foods in our diet. Cold-tasting foods work to cool down our bodies. Water-rich fruits and vegetables help to keep us hydrated. In this season, there is a great need to take care of the diet of the children. An unhealthy diet reduces the immunity and appetite of children. In such a situation, you can include many types of healthy foods in the diet of children. They help in boosting immunity and keeping the digestive system healthy. They work to maintain the energy level of children. Let’s know your children’s diet 


Include bael fruit in your children’s diet in summer. This is very beneficial. It contains vitamins A, C, and B. It is a good source of minerals, potassium, and magnesium. It works to remove all digestive problems due to its anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties. It also has laxative properties to prevent constipation. It contains iron and vitamin C. This prevents anemia from occurring. It works to increase immunity. You can make Bael syrup and give it to children.


Yogurt works to keep the body cool. It is a good source of probiotics. It contains good bacteria. It works to keep the intestines healthy. It works to give relief from diarrhea. It is rich in calcium, phosphorus, and protein. They help in making bones and teeth strong. You can include curd in the diet of children in many ways. You can include it in the diet in the form of lassi, buttermilk, curd rice, fruits, etc.


Barley is a great food for the body in summer. It is rich in dietary fiber, phosphorus, folate, copper, selenium, and magnesium. The fiber present in it works to keep the stomach healthy. Barley water helps in keeping the body cool in summers. You can include it in your children’s diet in many delicious ways. You can include barley in the diet in the form of porridge, soup, and pancake.


Gourd contains about 90 percent water. It works to keep the body hydrated and cool. Gourds are rich in nutrients like vitamin C, A, folate, calcium, and magnesium. It acts as a natural laxative. It works to remove digestive problems in children. You can give gourd soup, raita, curry, kheer, and cheela to young children. Apart from being delicious, it is very healthy.

Coconut water

Consumption of coconut water in summer is very beneficial. It is a great source of electrolytes and potassium. It works to protect from dehydration. It nourishes the body. It is very tasty. You can use lemon or mint leaves to give a twist to its taste.