Health Tips: These 3 things work like immunity boosters, must be included in the diet..


Immunity Boosters: As the temperature drops in the winter season, every person has to work harder to keep his body warm. For this, people include different things in their food. So they adopt all kinds of methods. So that the body can be kept warm and its immunity can be made strong. In such a situation, instead of these things, you can include some such simple things in your diet, which play a special role in boosting immunity. Also, it is easily available in the kitchen of your home almost every day. Just by including these normal things present in the kitchen, where your body will continue to get warmth, then the immune system will also be strong. Along with this, you will not have the risk of getting its side effects. Let us know about these things.


Boost immunity with these things
Eat black pepper
Black pepper helps a lot in strengthening your immune system. You can use black pepper instead of red chilli in food. Not only this, but if you want, you can also make a decoction and consume black pepper daily. Nowadays people eat a lot of fast food. If you want, you can also use black pepper in things like pasta, chowmein, and burgers. Black pepper is rich in antioxidants which can help boost your immunity.


Include jaggery in the diet
Jaggery is being consumed from a very old time. Even today the people of the village like to drink tea made of jaggery, so they prefer to consume jaggery even after eating there. This is because jaggery plays a special role in boosting your immunity. If you want, you can also consume jaggery to boost immunity.