Health Tips: There are side effects of sleeping with your mouth open, know here


Good sleep works to give us energy throughout the day. With this, we can cure any kind of problem that occurs in the body while sleeping at night. Let us tell you, if there is more disruption in sleep at night or we sleep with our mouths open, then it can harm our health on a large scale.

These problems can happen in children- For your information, let us tell you that if children are breathing through the mouth, then it can cause changes in their facial appearance, the bad shape of teeth, cavity, tonsil problems, slow growth, shortness of breath. There may be problems like bloating. Sleeping with your mouth open can damage your teeth. At the same time, due to lack of saliva, there is a problem of cavity, infection, halitosis, cough, or pain in sleep.

Bad breath - Tell us, if you sleep with your mouth open, then bad breath starts coming. This breath is also called halitosis which dries up the saliva. Sleeping with your mouth open at night reduces the flow of oxygen to your lungs. Low oxygen in the lungs causes fatigue and weakness. This makes you feel tired for the whole day or even after sleeping.


Chapped and dry lips - Tell that, sleeping with the mouth open makes the lips dry and cracked. Not only, apart from this, due to the drying of the fluid in the mouth, it also becomes difficult to swallow food.

High BP and heart disease - Sleeping with your mouth open increases the risk of heart attack and breathing through your mouth does not provide the right amount of oxygen to the body and affects the flow of blood in the arteries. In such a situation, the lack of oxygen increases the risk of high blood pressure and heart diseases.