Health Tips: The risk of ear infection increases in monsoon, know the reasons, symptoms, and preventive measures...


Ear Infection in Monsoon Reason: The risk of diseases increases in monsoon. During the rainy season, many types of infections enter the body easily, due to which apart from fungal infections and seasonal flu, skin, eyes, and ears are also affected. Ear infections often trouble most people during this season. Due to rainwater, you feel severe pain in the ears, ear numbness, or any other ear-related problem. Along with this, there may also be itching in the ear. In such a situation, if you are also troubled by ear problems during the rainy season, then you may have an ear infection. Knowing the symptoms of ear infections, you can adopt measures to avoid ear problems in monsoon. Let us know the symptoms and prevention measures of ear infection.


Causes of ear infection
According to experts, the problems related to eyes, ears, and skin increase during the rainy season. This is because of humidity, which can be a breeding ground for bacteria that cause fungal infections. Dirt in the ear and traces of earbuds can also cause ear infections.

Symptoms of ear infection
-Pain in the ears
-Itching inside the ear.
-Redness of the outer part of the ear.
-Inability to hear the sound properly.
-Feeling of heaviness in the ears.
-White or yellowish pus coming out of the ear.
-keep ears clean


Tips to avoid ear infection
Always keep the ear clean and dry during monsoon to avoid moisture coming into the ears.

Use a soft cotton clean cloth to wipe the ear.

Don't always use earphones or earbuds.

Do not use other's used earphones.

Disinfect the earphones from time to time, to reduce the risk of infection.

Ear infection can also occur due to a sore throat or throat infection. So take care of your neck.

Do check up with an ENT specialist every 6 months.